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Cara: Supporting Academics at Risk for over 80 Years

In many countries around the world, academics are in danger, from persecution, violence and conflict, and what happens to them matters. Not just as individuals, as important as that is, but because each and every one of them represents the future of higher education in their home countries. Where academics and scientists are killed or scattered to the four corners of the world, intellectual capital is lost and ruined societies cannot be re-built. That country will suffer for generations. And the whole world will suffer with it. With the active engagement of 115 universities in the UK and a growing number of universities and institutes elsewhere around the world, Cara is helping over 220 academics who have been forced to flee to continue their work until, as many of them hope, they will be able to return to build better societies in their home countries. Over 300 family members are being helped too. But many more need support, as conflicts and persecution continue. In this talk, Cara’s Director, Stephen Wordsworth, will explain how Cara works with its partners and outline the challenges the organisation faces to fulfil the task set out by its founders: ‘the relief of suffering and the defence of learning and science’.
Stephen Wordsworth
Open to
All staff and students
Thursday, 15 December 2016
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Byre Theatre Studio
Lauren Sykes
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Cara (Council for At-Risk Academics) was set up by academics and scientists in the UK in 1933 as an urgent rescue mission for university teachers and researchers who were being expelled from their posts by the Nazi regime. In the six years up to 1939 some 2000 people were saved, including many who went on to win Nobel Prizes and other high honours. Now, over 80 years since it was founded, Cara is still at work.

Stephen Wordsworth CMG LVO has been Executive Director of the Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara) since 2012. Before joining Cara, Stephen was a career member of the UK Diplomatic Service, where his last two posts were as Deputy Head of Mission in Moscow (2003 to 2005) and British Ambassador in Belgrade (2006 to 2010).  

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